Three Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas for Kids

Looking for easy dinner ideas that kids will not only eat but actually ask for again and again? Our recipes keep it simple with basic flavours and textures, with the addition of fun and colourful accessories that fussy kids won’t be able to resist!

Quick and easy to prepare you will have dinner on the table faster than they can say “Mum, I’m hungry!”


Quick Stix Burgers

When you need dinner quick Stix, you can’t go past our Quick Stix Burgers. Using simple ingredients and taking no time at all to prepare, this will quickly become a family favourite.


Sliced Bread
Tomato or BBQ Sauce
Optional - Cheese or salad of your choice


1. Pan fry meatballs, flattening with your spatula to create burgers.
2. Toast bread, then using the Mini Bites Cutter Set circle cutter, cut “buns” out of toast.
3. Assemble burgers, holding into place with Stix.
4. Serve to your hungry little monsters!

Steph's Clever Cooking Hack! For mess free cooking, line your sandwich press with baking paper and press down to turn meatballs into burgers - too easy!

Fin-Tastic Fish Wraps

Fish is packed with nutrients for little brains and bones, such as omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamin D. But as every parent knows, it can be hard to get kids to try, let alone enjoy seafood. Wrap up mild flavoured fish fingers in a soft wrap and watch them take the bait!


Fish Fingers
Tortilla Wraps
Tartare or dipping sauce of choice
Sweet Potato Fries to serve


1. Cook fish fingers either in the oven or air fryer following packet instructions.
2. Microwave or toast wraps on a sandwich press to soften.
3. Place lettuce, then fish fingers on the wrap and gently roll up, securing with a Wrap Band.
5. Serve dipping sauce of your choice in a Silicone Cup and with a side of sweet potato fries - yum!

To try! Replace fish fingers with falafel and serve with hummus for a Mediterranean twist!

Waffle-y Good Chicken Sliders

A classic American combo, give this twist on a chicken burger a try for a sweet and savoury combination that is hard to beat!


Crumbed or Southern Style Chicken Tenders
Maple Syrup
Blueberries (optional)


1. Cook chicken tenders in either the oven or air fryer following packet instructions.
2. Toast waffles on a sandwich press.
3. Using the Mini Bites Cutter Set circle cutter, cut “buns” out of the waffles.
4. Thread onto Stix in this order: blueberry (if using), waffle circle, piece of chicken, another waffle circle.
5. Drizzle with maple syrup and serve with a smile - what’s not fun about breakfast for dinner!?

To try! Make this a regular chicken burger by replacing the waffles with slider buns or toasted bread and adding some lettuce and mayo… so good!

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