Easy Halloween Food Ideas for Snacks & Lunch Boxes - Part 2

Give your kids' lunch boxes some Halloween love this October. We have rounded up the easiest ways to spook up your kids' lunches for guaranteed shrieks of lunchtime delight! Go on and take a bite - if you dare!


    Ghoulish Ghost Marshmallows 

    You will need

    Large White Marshmallows
    Edible Marker (black)


    1. Place marshmallows onto Stix and draw ghost faces using edible marker.
    2. Serve up for a hauntingly good snack!


      Mummy Monster Stix

      You will need

      Cream Cheese
      Sliced Cheese
      Candy Eyes


      1. Cut bread and cheese slices into squares.
      2. Spread bread squares with cream cheese.
      3. Stack onto Stix alternating between bread and cheese.
      4. Using a bit of the cream cheese, stick candy eyes onto Mummy.
      5. Then eat, drink & be scary!

        More Frightfully Fun Halloween Lunch Box Ideas

        Give your kids the ultimate surprise with a creepy but cute Halloween lunchbox. Here are a few simple lunchbox additions that will trick and treat your kids come lunchtime!

        Boo-nana’s - Draw spooky faces on bananas using edible markers.
        Petrified Pumpkin - Place a cucumber stem into a peeled whole mandarin.
        Screamin’ Strawberries - Cut out a mouth from a strawberry and stick on candy eyes.
        Ghastly Gnashers - Spread apple slices with nut butter and use mini marshmallows as monster “teeth”.
        Cucumber Ghosts - Cut out eyes and a mouth from cucumber slices using a stainless steel straw.

        Make Halloween food stacks of fun with Lunch Punch ‘Stix’ food kebab sticks! They make it so easy to create irresistible, edible combinations of fun that in just moments turn lunch from dull to devoured! Stix are carefully designed to fit in all popular bento lunch boxes and are just the right size for your Halloween party food share platters too! 

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