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Magical Value Bundle

Unicorns & Mermaids, could there be a more perfect pair to create the most magical lunches imaginable! Buy together & save!

This value bundle includes:

1 x Lunch Punch Pairs – Mermaid (With full size mermaid + 3 piece mermaid tail sandwich cutters)
1 x Lunch Punch Pairs – Unicorn (With full size unicorn + 4 piece heart sandwich cutters)

1 x Stix By Lunch Punch Rainbow (With 7 fun colours!)

Lunch Punch Pairs - Mermaid
The Lunch Punch's quest to make food kids want to eat has reached the vast, shimmering ocean! 
Now you can turn lunch time fails into mermaid tails and sandwiches that bore into Mermaids ashore! 
With her cheeky squint and flowing locks, create a Mermaid delight in every lunch box!
Push, press, pop and admire for tasty lunches we know will inspire!
Each Lunch Punch MERMAID set includes:
1 x Large MERMAID sandwich cutter
1 x Triple MERMAID TAIL sandwich cutter, to create 3 individual mermaid tail shaped pieces


Lunch Punch Pairs - Unicorn 
Make mealtime magic with our new Lunch Punch UNICORN sandwich cutter set! Listen for the little squeals of delight as you create a majestic full-sized unicorn sandwich or versatile heart shaped bite-size pieces. A unicorn lover's dream lunch is here!
Each Lunch Punch UNICORN set includes:
1 x Large UNICORN sandwich cutter
1 x Quad heart sandwich cutter, to create 4 individual heart shaped pieces
Stix by Lunch Punch - Rainbow (7 pack) 
Create irresistible, edible combinations of fun stacked on a star topped kebab Stix, and in just moments turn lunch from dull to devoured!
Choose a favourite colour from the rainbow of Stix colours and slide on a mix of delicious food combinations to tempt the fussiest of eaters.
Stix are carefully designed to fit in all popular bento lunch boxes and they’re just the right size for school and party food share platters too.
Popular food combinations include a rainbow of seasonal fruits, veggies, cheese and meat and cut squares of sandwiches.
Choose from a purple rainbow, green rainbow or full rainbow, each pack sold separately.
Make food stacks of fun with Lunch Punch ‘Stix’ food kebab sticks!
Check out our Unicorn and Mermaid Sandwich Cutters in action below: 


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