FAQ - Wrap Bands

What are Lunch Punch Wrap Bands made from? 

Lunch Punch Wrap Bands are made from premium food grade, non-toxic and BPA free silicone.

What size are the Wrap Bands? 

Lunch Punch Wrap Bands are made carefully to fit into all popular bento and lunch box compartments. They measure 15cm long and have a lock in closure.

How many Wrap Bands come in a pack? 

Wrap Bands by Lunch Punch come in a set of 5. Please refer to the product listing for colour options and more information.

Can I wash the Wrap Bands in the dishwasher? 

Yes! The Wrap Bands are dishwasher safe.

What sorts of things can I use the Wrap Bands for? 

The Wrap Bands by Lunch Punch not only keep wraps together, making it easier for little hands, but can also be used to tie apple slices together or securing a bundle of carrot sticks to stay crunchy!