Meet the Lunch Punch Team - Kylie

Say hey to Kylie! Kylie is the newest member of the Lunch Punch team and is our Lunch Punch Marketing Assistant. With 2 kids under six, Kylie loves to road test all of our products and is quickly becoming our creative lunchbox enthusiast! 

Let’s chat to Kylie and find out more...

Meet the Lunch Punch Team - Emma

Emma hails from the UK and her lovely accent makes even the dullest of tasks sound that little bit more exciting! A skilled writer, she is the master of a good pun and also our resident baking queen! 

We pulled Emma aside to get to know her a bit more....

Meet the Lunch Punch Team - Kowen
Say hi to Kowen!  Kowen’s real name is Kirsty, but with one Kirsty already in the office it was decided that was too confusing, and we created a nickname that has stuck!  Kowen is our clever creative who makes all the Lunch Punch products and food look so incredible. Let’s get to know her some more ….
Meet the Lunch Punch Team.... Steph

Steph is the owner and creative brains behind The Lunch Punch. We sat down with Steph to ask her all the important questions like, If you had to eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be? Spoiler - it’s poached eggs and avo on toast!

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